Performance Potential:

  • Garden Waste:   up to 270 cbm/hr
  • Bark:   up to 350 cbm/hr
  • Scrap Wood:   up to 170 cbm/hr
  • Domestic Waste:   up to 280 cbm/hr

Belt Hopper Capacity:

  • AZ965 D Titan XL:   Approximately 10 cbm
  • AZ 965 D Titan:   Approximately 7 cbm

Intake Opening:

  • 960 mm x approximately 1,620 mm

Rotor Diameter:

  • 1,120 mm

Number of Flails:

  • 26 or 42 depending on set up

Material Outfeed:

  • Conveyor belt with an outfeed height up to approximately 4.70 m

Main Drive:

  • CAT engine, type C 18, 571 kW (776 hp) 

Weight/Basic Model with Conveyor Belt:

  • BA 965 D Titan XL:  Approximately 32,000 kg
  • BA 965 D Titan:  Approximately 26,000 kg

Control System Features:

  • Easygreen control system
  • 15 channel radio remote control
  • DIP switch functions
  • Impact protection system (IPS)
  • JES system
  • IBC system
  • VARIO-flex system
  • Automatic overload control unit
  • Automatic feed-height unit

AZ 965 D(XL) Titan

The heaviest and most powerful biomass processors are the XL Titan (semi-trailer) and Titan models and are also available as centre-axle trailers.

The machine is intended for the processing of particularly large amounts of green waste, small timber, trunk wood with diameters up to 600 mm, bark, bio-waste, scrap wood and household waste.

A standard component of the machine is the powerful CAT engine (C18), 571 kW (776 hp).

Optimum use of the high driving power achievable due to the 4 m long (Titan) or 6 m long (XL Titan) conveyor intake means a continuous flow of material is guaranteed and is easy to load due to ythe high capacity of the conveyor intake and subsequently the machine is subjected to permanently high loads for extremely high throughput rates.

Throughput rates of up to 350 m3/hr are possible, depending on the material being processed.

Download Brochure

Download Brochure

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