JENZ Woodcracker

Westcon Equipment also supply a range of log splitters including the Jenz Woodcracker, the Lasco Cone Splitter & the Jenz Root Harvester.

The JENZ Woodcracker is the ideal addition to every wood chipper or waste wood shredder.

You can use the JENZ Woodcracker to pre-crush trunks or roots which would not normally fit in the waste shredder or chipper.

The JENZ Woodcracker is available in four sizes from 60mm up to 1375mm opening width. All machines are only fitted with four bearing which are permanently lubricated. This means that the Woodcracker is practically maintenance free. It has a wide range of fixing systems, including rapid replacement adapters.

jenz woodcracker jenz woodcracker
jenz woodcracker jenz woodcracker

Cone Log Splitter

Then there is the Cone Log Splitter, this has a cone that bores into the tree trunk and splits it apart. The Cone Log Splitters are designed to be fitted to a variety of base units to quickly and efficiently break down timber which is too large in its current form.

The Cone Log Splitter is available in 22 different models for use with machines from 1.5 - 50 tonnes. They can also be attached to telehandlers, cranes, tractor loaders, etc.

Cone Splitter Cone Splitter


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