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 Westcon are the UK and Irish distributors of machinery from some world's leading manufacturers in the area of Biomass, Organic Recycling and Arboriculture.

Our manufacturers tend to be innovative - frequently several years ahead of their competitors in developing equipment for fast changing situations.  EU and UK regulations, energy costs and commodity values quickly affect our customers.  By buying innovative products and being ahead of the game our customers can exploit their market position and maximise their income or reduce their running costs.

Our staff know their machines and know their capabilities.  We can advise on the best models for the job and frequently optimise the specification for an individual customer.

Our customers are demanding.  We have to ensure we have the right level of technical support and spare parts to keep them operating.  We value long term relationships with our customers and want them to be successful.

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Used Recycling Machinery

T6 Screener

  • Built:  2013
  • Operating Hours:  5,900 hours (approximate)
  • Engine:  Perkins diesel engine 1140D-E44TA
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BA 725DL Shredder

  • Built:  March 2013
  • Operating Hours:  4,200 hours (approximate)
  • Engine:  Mercedes-Benz OM 460LA (510 hp)
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BA 720DL Shredder

  • Built:  July 2009
  • Operating Hours:  7,400 hours (approximate)
  • Engine:  Mercedes-Benz OM 460LA (490 hp)
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HEM 583DQ Chippertruck

  • Built:  July 2017
  • Operating Hours:  2,750 hours (approximate)
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Used Arboriculture Machinery

HEM 583DQ Chippertruck

  • Built:  July 2017
  • Operating Hours:  2,750 hours (approximate)
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RG 1635D

  •  Built:  2003
...read more

Jenz Rayco
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