Mobile Recycling Equipment Hire

Westcon Equipment have been supplying mobile recycling equipment to UK customers for over 20 years. We understand the demands of customers and the pressure they work under. We recognise that purchasing capital equipment is not always the best option. Many customers have short term contracts and projects, seasonal fluctuations to manage and new trials or business ventures to start up.

Westcon are working in partnership with Eggersmann UK to offer customers a chance to hire high quality mobile recycling equipment at reasonable prices. We offer shredder hire, screener hire, and windsifter sorting equipment hire.

To help with waste processing, product grading, and cleaning. We select quality equipment, then maintain and support it to ensure customers have the level of service they expect. A team of experienced engineers at our workshop and onsite inspect and service the machinery to ensure the equipment arrives in good condition and ready to go. Operator training and instruction are a key part of our offer to customers. Hire contracts can be for days, weeks or months and we are happy to discuss options with customers.

Shredder Hire

Shredder Hire

Shredders are often the first stage of waste processing and we offer different shredders to achieve the best results for each feedstock and end product.

High / Medium Speed Shredders For Hire

The JENZ BA 725 is quite simply the most versatile shredder in this area. Widely used for waste wood processing, green waste shredding, arboricultural waste and roots it can be fitted with screens from 50 mm upwards. With a rotor speed from 400 rpm to 1000 rpm and a range of hammer configurations, magnets and foreign object protection, it is very popular. A 530 hp engine gives it high production.

Waste Wood, Green Waste, Biomass - Arb Waste, Landscaping, Roots Performance: Ranging from 25 tonnes / hr up to 80 tonnes per hour

Slow speed shredder for hire

FORUS 250 Pre-Crusher

FORUS pre crushers are specialists for all types of wood and waste - effortlessly crushing waste wood, demolition wood, cuttings and rootstocks. The slow-running two-shaft crusher also processes plastic films, papers, refuse, waste and electronic scrap just as efficiently. Depending on the shredding unit different roller drives are used, from 2 x (multifunctional type) to 1 x (triangular knives). The final particle sizes vary from 150 to 300 mm. The 250 is a midsize all-rounder - suitable for small/ medium sites. The 250 hp engine is economical and the machine has low running costs.

Waste Wood, Plastic, Commercial Waste, Glass, Landscaping, Roots, Green Waste Performance: Ranging from 10 tonnes / hr up to 25 tonnes per hour

Trommel Screener Hire

Trommel Screener Hire

Terra Select screeners are known for their quality and high capacity. The T60 model screen has a 2.2m diameter and 5.5 m long drum with a 33 m2 screening area and outperforms most similar sized machines. Long discharge conveyors move the fine and oversize material away from the machine. All machines have autolube and cleanfix reverse fans. Easy to operate with very low running costs the T60 model is popular. Fitted with a 75 kW JCB engine service costs are low.

The punch plate drums deliver precise fines products. A selection of drum sizes are available from 10 mm to 80 mm
Applications: Wood Chip, Compost, Soil, Aggregate Performance: Ranging from 25 tonnes / hr up to 60 tonnes per hour (200 m3/h).

Windsifter W70 Hire

Windsifter W70 Hire

The W70 Windsifter is designed for cleaning light impurities out of screened oversize in composting and biomass recycling. Impressive cleaning performances are achieved, thanks to a dedicated infeed hopper with an integrated dosing roller and it is completely mobile. Materials which have already been screened can be cleansed of impurities completely independently of the screening machine.

Applications: Biomass, Compost Performance: Ranging from 50 m3/h to 80 m3/h

Windsifter W80 Hire

The W80 is designed to separate heavy material from light material. It is ideally suited to separate contamination such as plastic and wood from inert aggregate. It can also separate stone from biomass product. It works by using ballistic separation from a revolving drum. The infeed hopper uses a dosing roller ensures an even infeed of material into the machine

Applications: Biomass, Commercial and Domestic Waste - Performance: Ranging from 50 m3/h to 120 m3/h


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