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Jenz Woodcrackers R 900 Root Wood Harvester

R 900 Root Wood Harvester

The root harvester is the first link in the root wood treatment harvesting chain.  It separates the roots from the stem and then takes only the usable, clean root wood out of the soil.

After this, it is pre-fragmentised for further treatment.  Earth, stones and other foreign bodies which can cause defects or increased wear in further treatment processes are therefore removed.

The JENZ root wood harvester is an add-on unit for excavators above approximately 20 tonnes service weight.  The device works using only one cylinder and only a few moving parts.  The knife blade is made of highly wear resistant Hardox.  An additional ripping hook is fixed above the blade.

A tree's rootstock is held firmly in the soil by its roots.  The root wood harvester is based on the idea that only the stock itself is of interest.  To harvest, the roots are separated from the stock before it is taken out of the soil and further processed.  The remaining hole is minimal and is then levelled over directly by the root wood harvester.  This means that the soil is treated considerably better than by drag-raking. more

Jenz Woodcrackers W 600/W 820/W 1000/W 1350/W1800

W 600/W 820/W 1000/W 1350/W1800

Complete use of ligneous biomasses also means the ability to process oversize standing timber and tree roots.  The simple solution to this is the JENZ woodcracker.  It splits this material suitable for the JENZ fragmentiser.

The JENZ Woodcracker is an add-on unit for an excavator, loading crane or tractor.  Fitting the woodcracker to the carrier machine is simple and uncomplicated due to the special mounting plate.  Additional supports on the excavator arm are not necessary.

The well thought out construction results in an extremely low application wight which is, in turn, crucial for rapid handling.  All machines only have four bearings, which are permenently lubricated and which make the splitting tongs practically maintenance free.

The JENZ W 600 woodcracker has a deadweight of onmly 250 kg.  This makes it suitable as a tool even for small loading cranes or yard loaders, and it can therefore support a HEM 360 Z in the chipping of hardwoods of more than 1 m truck diameter.

The W 1800 model is suitable for professional use under the most difficult conditions with its opening width of 1,830mm and a splitting pressure of 50 tonnes.  With a deadweight of 1,700 kg, it requires a carrier vehicle of service weight between 20 and 30 tonnes.  The newly developed roller system behind the cutters reduces friction resistance and minimises the necessary splitting force.

All woodcrackers are fitted with an auto-speed valve as an additional fitting for rapid movement during idle running.  JENZ woodcrackers are available in five sizes ranging from 600 mm up to 1,800 mm opening width.

Hardwood can be pre-split and stacked for drying.  The wood will then dry quickly and evenly, which means the calorific value is considerably higher. more

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