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Rayco Tow Behind Stump Grinders RG100DXH


Rayco RG100DXH - Turbo Diesel Powered, Tow-Behind Stump Grinder



If you’re looking for the power, cutting dimensions, and chip capacity that only a tow-behind stump grinder can provide, look to Rayco’s RG100DXH for industry leading performance. The RG100DXH features a 99 hp Kubota turbo-diesel engine and 96.5” cutting width. This powerhouse tow-behind machine meets US EPA Tier III emissions and features Rayco’s Command Cut automatic swing speed control, hydrostatic cutter wheel drive with “Quick-Stop” cutter wheel, and 26” hold depth across the entire width of cut.

Features and Benefits:

  • Hydrostatic Cutter Wheel Drive With “Quick-Stop” Cutter Wheel
  • Command Cut Automatic Swing Speed Control
  • Auxiliary, Swing-Out Chip Retainers


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